8 inch Mego-style dolls: Bif Bang Pow!

Around 2005 several American toy companies began producing Mego style dolls. Among them is Bif Bang Pow! which has since released several lines of dolls based on new and classic TV shows. I've made an attempt to document all of their 8 inch dolls here, however this list is still incomplete. As I'm unaware of the release dates for certain collections I've organized this list alphabetically...

The Ambiguously Gay Duo, c 2016
These dolls are based on animated segments that have been aired on the Saturday Night Live TV show beginning in 1996. I have to say, as a gay man I find the segments in question to be rather rude and derogatory towards homosexuals, and not funny at all. It's akin to "Brer rabbit and the tar baby", "Charlie Chan" films or the "One Little Indian" song. Such material is born of intolerance towards human diversity. In other words, it's quite ignorant to characterise someone in an undignified way and then laugh about it just because they are different. The dolls themselves look to be well made and seem to capture the style of the original Mego doll quite well. It's too bad the source material for these dolls is so disrespectful. Rather than exclude these dolls from my list I think it's important to shine a huge spotlight on them so that people can understand how homosexuals are still being treated by society. Remarkably these were released recently, around 2016! Shameful!


Based on the guitarist from the heavy metal band Anthrax.

Scott Ian, with guitar

Battlestar Galactica, 2012
Based on the original TV series which ran from 1978 to 1979. In Canada, the pilot for the series was also released in cinemas as a feature film. At the time of the shows initial broadcast Mattel produced a series of smaller 3 inch action figures as well as two 12 inch action figures. Due to contracts however, the character Apollo was not marketed. Therefore, this 8 inch series from Biff Bang Pow is the first time that the character was included in a collection of Battlestar Galactica toys.

Commander Adama
Cylon Centurion (silver armour)
Cylon Commander (gold armour)
Cylon, Battle Damaged (dark grey armour)

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive sets:

Set 1) Tin Tote (lunchbox with large Cylon face illustrated on front) with two 8 inch dolls: Cylon Commander (gold armour) and Battle Damaged Cylon (dark grey armour).

Set 2) Tin Tote (lunchbox with illustrated action scenes on front and back) with three dolls: 6 inch Boxey (boy), Muffit the Daggit (the boy's robotic pet dog), and a Tucanna Singer (alien lady with four eyes and two mouths)

The Big Bang Theory
Based on the TV series which debuted in 2007 and is still in production.

Sheldon Cooper, wearing green Green Lantern T-shirt, packed with an extra blue Superman t-shirt
Sheldon Cooper, wearing green Green Lantern T-shirt, packed with an extra red Flash t-shirt
Sheldon Cooper, wearing green Green Lantern T-shirt, packed with an extra yellow Hawkman t-shirt
Sheldon Cooper, wearing blue Batman T-shirt, no extra shirt
Penny, wearing pink dress, brown boots
Amy Farrah Fowler, wearing navy blue and grey striped sweater, dark green shirt, beige skirt, black stockings and black shoes
Bernadette, wearing pink sweater over a black dress that has a flower pattern on it, black stockings, black shoes
Howard, wearing purple and black striped V-neck sweater, alien head belt buckle on checkered belt, purple pants, white shoes
Howard, wearing red shirt with Velcro opening on front, Batman belt buckle on checkered belt, black pants, red shoes
Raj, wearing purple jacket with white cuffs, beige sweater with white checker pattern, white shirt with collar, tan pants, brown shoes
Leonard, wearing beige jacket, blue shirt, black pants, black shoes with white laces

Costume series
Sheldon in Monk Costume
Howard in Jester Costume
Raj in Gentleman Costume
Leonard in Knight Costume

Star Trek Series: Main characters wearing Mego-style Star Trek outfits
Sheldon in blue shirt with Spock ears
Bernadette, in blue dress
Amy in blue dress
Howard in red shirt
Raj in red shirt
Penny in red dress
Leonard in yellow shirt

Based on the TV series which ran from 2006 to 2013.

Dexter Morgan: Wearing a moss green long sleeve shirt with three black buttons at neck, moss green cargo pants with a pocket on the side of each leg, brown shoes, hands are black plastic. Comes with a knife.

Doctor Who
Based on the classic TV series which has been ongoing since 1963. This set is specifically based on characters from the mid to late 1970's run of the program when actor Tom Baker portrayed Doctor Who. This Bif Bang Pow 8 inch doll series is based on Mego's original 9.5 inch series of dolls from the 1970s that had only been released only in Europe.

Doctor Who (Tom Baker)
Sontaran Field Major Styre
The Master
Scaroth, wearing white suit

An 8 inch scale Genesis Dalek robot was also produced.

The First Doctor
The Eleventh Doctor

Flash Gordon
Based on the 1980 movie.

Flash Gordon
Ming the Merciless

Based on the TV series that ran from 2004 to 2010. These were among the very first 8 inch dolls to be offered by Bif Bang Pow.

Kate, wearing white sleeveless shirt, brown pants, brown shoes
Hurley Reyes, fat male  wearing red house coat, blue shirt, blue checkered pants, brown shoes
Benjamin Linus, wearing long striped shirt, long grey distressed vest, matching grey distressed pants, no shoes
John Locke, bald male wearing brown t-shirt, beige pants, grey shoes
Jacob, white shirt, grey pants, no shoes
Miles, wearing grey long sleeve shirt, black vest with pockets, black pants, black shoes
Claire, wearing white sleeveless shirt, short black skirt, purple sneakers
Man in Black, wearing black shirt, grey pants
Jack Shephard

Mike Tyson Mysteries
Based on the animated TV series that began in 2014 and is still in production.

Mike Tyson, wearing blue track suit, white boots
Mike Tyson, wearing white Astronaut outfit

The Six Million Dollar Man
Based on the TV series that ran from 1973 to 1978. During the original run Kenner produced 12 inch dolls based on the series. http://mikeysdolls.blogspot.ca/p/tv-character-dolls.html
Not long ago, researchers for the Mego Museum website discovered that an 8 inch Mego-style doll of the Six Million Dollar Man had also been produced in Peru by Basa Toys as "El Hombre Nuclear" during the 1970's. http://www.megomuseum.com/galleries/six-million-dollar-man-el-hombre-nuclear/
Therefore the Bif Bang Pow 8 inch series is the third Six Million Dollar Man doll to be produced, and the second 8 inch doll to be marketed.

Steve Austin /Six Million Dollar Man , red track suit
Steve Austin/Six Million Dollar Man, beige outfit, no moustache
Steve Austin/Six Million Dollar Man, beige outfit, with moustache
Steve Austin/ Six Million Dollar Man, Astronaut outfit
Oscar Goldman
Big Foot
Barney Hiller
Doctor Rudy Wells with Tin Tote (lunchbox), includes two additional doll heads (three doll heads in all) representing the different actors who played the character throughout the series.

The Twilight Zone
Based on the classic TV series which ran from 1959 to 1964. These dolls are all presented in grey tones to mimic the Black & White look of the TV series which aired before colour television was available.

Alien, wearing grey suit
Alicia (robot humanoid with no face)

Penny Dreadful
Based on the TV series that ran from 2014 to 2016.

Ethan Chandler
Vanessa Ives

The Venture Bros.
Based on the animated TV series which ran from 2003 to 2016.

Dean Venture: Wearing a brown V-neck sweater vest over top of an off white short sleeve shirt that has a collar at the neck and cuffs on the sleeves. Navy blue pants with a separate black belt, grey plastic belt buckle, plastic wrist watch on left wrist. Black and white shoes.
The Monarch
Jefferson Twilight
H.E.L.P.eR. 8, this is a robot action figure rather than a Mego-style doll
Pete White, wearing white jacket over top a pink outfit
Brock Sphinx, wearing brown jumpsuit, black belt, gloves and boots
Phantom Limb, wearing purple outfit with short leave and short legs, arms and legs of figure are clear plastic
Shore Leave, wearing brown outfit with dark yellow trim, belt and knew pads, black boots
Molotov, black outfit, dark red boots, glove and belt
Sgt. Hatred, light blue outfit
Billy Quizboy
The Alchemist
Girlfriend, wearing pink outfit, white boots
Hank Venture, wearing white shirt, brown pants, blue and white shoes
Dr. Orpheus

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