1976 - 1981: Comic Book Ads for Mego Dolls and Toys

During the mid to late 1970s ads for Mego dolls and other products were published in numerous DC and Marvel comic books. As I like to collect comics from my childhood I keep coming across various Mego ads, so I thought it would be interesting to keep track of which comic titles each of the ads were published in and when. By organizing the ads in this way we can see how long each ad ran for, how the Mego doll series evolved and how Mego reacted to their competition in the toy industry. I'll keep updating this page as I find more ads. Click on the pictures to see a larger version.

Marvel Comics, Kazar #15, April 1976, p.12
Marvel Comics, Adventures on the Planet of the Apes #5, April 1976, p.12

DC Comics, Tarzan Vol.29, #250, June 1976, p.16
This ad shows the Mego penny savers (penny banks) of Superman and Batman.

DC Comics, Tarzan Vol.29, #254, Oct 1976, p. 28
 DC Comics, Metal Men Vol.13, #48, Oct-Nov 1976, p. 28

DC Special Green Lantern, 1976


DC Comics, The Super Friends #3, Feb 1977, p.28
This ad is for the 8 inch Mego dolls but some of the pictures are actually the smaller Pocket Heroes instead!

DC Comics, Welcome Back Kotter #5, July 1977, p.22
DC Comics, The Superman Family Vol.24 #184, July-Aug 1977, p.52

Marvel Comics, Tarzan #5, Oct 1977, p.12
Marvel Comics, The Invaders #21, Oct 1977, p.12
Marvel Comics, Tarzan, King Size-Annual #1, 1977, p.20
Marvel Comics, John Carter Warlord of Mars , King Size-Annual #1, 1977, p.20


DC Comics, Secret Scociety of Super-VillainsVol.3 #12, Jan 1978, p.28
DC Comics, All-Star Comics (Justice Scociety of America)Vol.14 #70, Jan-Feb 1978, p.28
DC Comics, Superman FamilyVol.25 #187, Jan-Feb 1978, p.62

DC Comics, Showcase (Hawkman)Vol.17 #103, Aug 1978, p.28

 Marvel Comics, John Carter Warlord of Mars , #15, Aug 1978, p.12


Marvel Comics, Conan the Barbarian #95, Feb 1979, p.12

Marvel Comics, Tarzan #21, Feb 1979, p.12
Marvel Comics, John Carter Warlord of Mars #21, Feb 1979, p.12

DC Comics, Green Lantern (co-starring Green Arrow)Vol.17 #116, May 1979, p.5

Closer view of text from above add.

Marvel Comics, Tarzan #27, Aug 1979, p.12

Marvel Comics, Tarzan #29, Oct 1979, p.12
This add shows the 5.5 inch Die-cast superheroes action figures by Mego

Marvel Comics, Amazing Adventures (featuring the X-Men) Vol.2 #2, Jan 1980, p.20


Marvel Comics, Kazar #1, April 1981, p.25 (Half page)

Marvel Comics, What If? #29, Oct 1981, p.4 (Half page)
Marvel Comics, Dragonslayer #1, Oct 1981, p.4 (Half page)
This ad includes several 3.5 inch Mego action figures.

Text © Mike Artelle 2013

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