Monday, December 7, 2020

Custom Murdoch Mysteries Megos!!!

Once in a while I like to make custom Mego dolls of my favourite characters. I enjoy making the costumes though I don't know how to make my own original head sculpts, so I try to use existing Mego heads that look similar. Here are three Murdoch Mysteries Mego dolls that I made...

I used Captain Kirk's head for Detective Murdoch, a DC Comics' Robin head for George Crabtree, and for Terrence Meyers I used an old Dr. Mego reproduction of a head that Mego had used for their dolls of Will Scarlet, Zorro and Sir Galahad. Someday I'd also like to make Mego dolls of Dr. Ogden, Inspector Brackenreid, Constable Higgins, and James Pendrick to complete the set.

Detective William Murdoch and Constable George Crabtree. George is still missing his helmet, not sure what to make it out of. Sucks! The hat that I found for Murdoch is actually a little too big, but it looks good with him just holding it. Close enough!

Terrence Meyers! (Dramatic pause) Sometimes he's a foil to Detective Murdoch and sometimes he's an ally! He likes to boast about having knowledge of top government secrets and then withholding them from Murdoch. Gotta have a Mego of Terrence Meyers if you're going to do Murdoch Mysteries Megos!!! The top hat that I found for my Terrence Meyers Mego is a cake decoration. It's a bit too small to fit on the doll's head, and it's too tall compared to the type of top hat that he's supposed to have, but it still looks good with him holding it I think. You get the idea.

These images show how the outfits work. The jackets for both Murdoch and Terrence Meyers can be closed or left open. They both have a separate vest underneath with an actual pocket for the removable pocket watch. 

Silly me, I forgot to put Murdoch's detective badge on the front left side of his vest before I took these photos, so I'm lucky that his coat is covering up that part of his vest. Not exactly a minor costume accessory to forget about!!! LOL! 

Below is a closer look at Murdoch's pocket watch which is made out of a piece from a decorative earing. I added the chain and watch face to it and drew the details by hand. 

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