Friday, November 20, 2015

He's a Rocker Dude with Attitude!!!

Yesterday I was searching Google for random pictures of male character dolls to see what I could find, and WOW!!! Did I ever find an awesome doll!!! Here he is....

This doll was made by doll artist Dalila Meece who specialises in fantasy themed dolls, most of which are male characters with long hair wearing a very detailed outfit of doll armour. 
Clearly Dalila Meece is quite an exceptional doll artist with a great deal of talent!

I completely freaked out when I saw this doll! I love it!! His attitude is captured perfectly and his outfit is so very cool!!! I want one of these dolls soooooo badly!!!! I've never seen a doll as awesome as this guy! What an awesome bad boy rocker dude!

Here's a different shot of him holding a medieval sword. This doll is Perfect!!!!
I absolutely adore this doll!
In fact this doll is even cooler than the 18 inch talking Brandon Lee Crow doll with rooted hair that I have, which is my favourite doll out of my entire collection. But this rocker dude is way, way cooler. Maybe 60% or 70% cooler! He's ice! He's frosty!!! I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!!!

Here's a back view and the side view. Drink it all in!
I'm so greatful that Dalila Meece shared images of her work online. It's such a treat to see amazing dolls like this. Here is a link to her gallery page where I found this doll, and where you can see many other awesome long hair fantasy warrior dudes!!! It's doll utopia!!! :) When you go to this link, scroll down as the bottom of the page has links to other pages of the gallery...yes there's more! Look for the boxes with page numbers in them.
These types of dolls are made using a mass-produced doll body that is produced especially for the doll artisan market. There are several companies that make such doll products and the body alone without any clothes can be very pricey. It's not a poor artists hobby to be certain! Each doll is a small investment worth at least $200, but I'd say the typical value of a finished, painted and dressed doll with hair would be more in the area of $500 and up!
Sigh! So that means none for me!
...but it's free to look, and bask in the awesomeness!!! :)

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